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Boomer Anderson

Boomer Anderson

Chief Executive Officer

If curiosity killed the cat, Boomer’s 9 lives expired decades ago. Boomer is an entrepreneur, husband, podcast host, health optimization practitioner, investor, and retired BBQ champion. Boomer is the CEO of Smarter Not Harder, Inc. makers of Troscriptions. He is also the CEO of Health Optimization Medicine and Practice, a 501(c)3 non-profit focused on educating doctors and practitioners on how to optimize for health rather than treat disease. In his own Health Optimization Practice, Boomer works with entrepreneurs leveraging large swaths of data and health technology. He also serves as a Strategic Advisor to Welldium and is a TEDx Speaker. Prior to working on sitting on the intersection of health and finance, Boomer was based in Singapore where he ran the South Asia Debt Capital Markets business for a bulge-bracket investment bank.


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