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Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Cannatine contains Methylene Blue 5(mg per troche), Caffeine, Nicotine and Hemp Crystals.

Just Blue contains just methylene blue (16mg per troche).

We created Just Blue based on customer requests for nootropic that does not contain nicotine or caffeine.

Blue Cannatine gives you more of a "kick" or "launch" in energy and focus. With Just Blue, it is more subtle and sustained energy and focus. Check out our reviews to see our customers experiences with both products.

Yes!  The rate of discoloration varies between 2 to 24 hours for some.

Warning: In addition to being a star ingredient, methylene blue is a powerful dye. It will temporarily stain your mouth (including your teeth). We have tips on speeding up discoloration in our FAQ section. If you have any concerns about dental work and/or prolonged staining, please consult your dentist. 

Blue tongue resolution speed will depend on how much you moved it around your mouth while it was in there.

There is no quick antidote but if you want to reduce the blue faster we have included tips below.

Here are a few suggestions from Dr. Ted.

When methylene blue is reduced, it decolorizes.

Reducing agents such as sodium hydroxide — add 1/4 tsp baking soda in 4 fl oz water and rinse the mouth with it for a few minutes — should reduce the methylene blue.  This should be done ideally  5-10 mins after the troche has fully dissolved.

Since the reaction is acid-catalyzed, rinse the mouth with 1 part vinegar, 1 part water first, right before rinsing with baking soda, would hasten the decolorizing reaction.

We also find that hot liquids help as well!

All of our active ingredients are tested  and have Certificate of Analysis (COA) that documents purity (e.g. the lack of contaminants including mold, toxins, and pesticides) and potency.

In addition to individual COAs for each ingredient, Blue Cannatine has its own COA. Please emailbuccalup@troscriptions.comif you would like a copy.

Do NOT use! If you have Invisalign.

Please do not have Invisalign in while using Blue Cannatine or Just Blue (unless you would prefer Bluevisalign). 

Warning: In addition to being a star ingredient, methylene blue is a powerful dye. It will temporarily stain your mouth (including your teeth). We have tips on speeding up discoloration in our FAQ section. If you have any concerns about dental work and/or prolonged staining, please consult your dentist.

As always, it's good to consult your medical professional or dentist before consuming Blue Cannatine or Just Blue.

There are 4 whole troches in each package. They are scored as a guide to cut down to your individual optimal dose.

For Blue Cannatine, our customers optimal dose ranges from 1/4 to 1 whole troche. If you are sensitive to caffeine and/or nicotine we recommend starting with 1/4 troche. 

For Just Blue, the optimal range is typically 1/2 to 1 whole. 

For Tro Calm, the optimal range is typically 1/2 to 1 whole.

Therefore, one pack can yield up to 16 doses. 

To find your optimal dose start with 1/4 troche and add increase dosage every 15-20 minutes. DO NOT exceed more than 4 whole troches in a 24 hour period.  

N=1 so far but we are looking into bigger studies in the future.

No. We use pure Hemp Crystals, Beatifically Derive. THC would make a drug test positive and there is no THC in Blue Cannatine or Tro Calm. 

Please note, however, that some life insurance drug tests screen for nicotine. We advise not to use Blue Cannatine before these type of tests.

Nicotine is a very misunderstood nootropic. Although it is the active ingredient in cigarette and other tobacco products, it has a host of scientifically-proven cognitive benefits. Although it can be addictive, most of the adverse and addictive effects of nicotine are associated with smoking tobacco or vaping (which also have higher doses of nicotine aside from additives and impurities). Each troche is equivalent only to 1/4th of a nicotine gum. The nicotine in Blue Cannatine is non-tobacco derived. The Troscriptions team highly recommends you avoid nicotine vaped or smoked. If you would like to learn more about nicotine here is a link to our article about it:

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