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Boost your energy, clear your brain fog, increase your resilience, and enhance your memory

With Just Blue, our low dose and pharmaceutical grade methylene blue buccal troche.

Methylene Blue is one of the powerful and the most promising compounds you’ve probably never heard of…until now.

It increases ATP production (your cell’s energy currency) in at least 8 different ways.

More energy = More endurance and more
healing power

And there’s more…

✓ Methylene blue improves spatial and non-spatial memory

✓ It boosts your mood

✓ It strengthens your immune system

✓ It is anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-viral

✓ It decreases inflammation

Brain Fog? Clear it, now. Fatigue? Feel it evaporate.
Ongoing mitochondrial dysfunction?
(i.e. inflammation, autoimmunity, infection)

Methylene blue could be vital to your
healing journey.

The Just Blue Difference

Just Blue provides all the benefits of pharmaceutical grade methylene blue delivered through a precision dosed and easy to titrate buccal troche. Pharmaceutical grade means prescription grade + no heavy metals and no contaminants, ever.

A buccal troche is a small lozenge that dissolves between your upper cheek and gums.

In contrast to a tablet or capsule, the ingredients are directly absorbed into your cheek mucosa for a more rapid onset.

And it works whether you dissolve it in your mouth or choose to swallow it instead.

So… what is Methylene Blue, anyway?

Methylene Blue was the first drug approved by the FDA in the 1890s. Originally used as an antimicrobial to treat malaria and other infections, it remains on the World Health Organizations list of essential medications for the treatment of methemoglobinemia and cyanide poisoning.

And this is where things get exciting: Several decades ago, it was discovered that methylene blue is an electron cycler, meaning that it helps enhance energy production (i.e. ATP) and increases antioxidant reserve (i.e. is as powerful as vitamin C or glutathione).

Since this discovery, there has been a growing body of research showing the benefit of using methylene blue for acute ischemic events (strokes, heart attacks, traumatic brain injuries) as well as for endurance, radiation protection, autoimmune problems, post covid symptoms, cognitive impairment including Alzheimer’s disease, and even for improving cognition in healthy adults.

But is methylene blue safe to take? If so, how much? And how often? And who shouldn’t take it? In June 2020, Troscriptions was the first company to come out with a commercial methylene blue product and we continue to lead the pack…by a lot.

It’s in the Name… Troscriptions

When we say at Troscriptions that we are “Physician Formulated, Pharmaceutical Grade, and Precision Dosed,” we mean it.

There are 4 practicing physicians
on the team.

All use Troscriptions’ products in their practice.

Dr. Ted

Neuroradiology, Pharmacology, AntiAging Medicine, HOMe

Dr. Scott

Internal Medicine, HOMe, HBOT

Dr. Harry

Family Medicine, Acupuncture, Psychedelic Medicine

Dr. Shekhar

Internal Medicine, HOMe

And there are practitioners all over the globe (including Dr. Maya) who use our formulations with their patients.

Plus, we third party test all our ingredients so you know what you are getting in every Troscriptions formulation.

These amazing people trust our
products too…

“My favorite thing about Blue Cannatine is that it allows me to function at a high level comfortably. It’s easy. I’m able to remember people’s names and go, go, go.”

Former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion

“Methylene Blue is one of my favorite biohacks and mitochondrial enhancers of the last 20 years.”

Founder, Bulletproof 360, Inc.

“The Cosmic MD (Dr. Ted) has created one of the best nootropics on the planet. Blue Cannatine is my go-to when I record podcasts, give lectures, and when I need to function at my highest capacity.”

Podcast Host, Meditation Teacher & Lifestyle Design Expert

“I save my Tro Calms for those days when my mind races ahead or reality and throws me into unnecessary anxiety. It provides a gentle return to stillness and equanimity.”

Author of 10 New York Times Bestselling Books

“Blue Cannatine is one of the best, most well-formulated yet unique nootropics I've discovered. If you haven't yet tried it, you absolutely MUST! You'll be blown away by the results, especially when combined with sunlight!”

Entrepreneur & Bestselling Author

“Troscriptions provides the extra edge and endurance needed to plough through everything from my taxes to the London Marathon with clarity and joy.”

Actress, Author, Biohacker, Socialite & Interior Designer

And many more...

Not just another supplement company…

To be frank, we don’t trust the supplement industry.

It’s unregulated and supplement companies often will make claims based on loose interpretations of scientific research.

They also recommend dosing which doesn’t make sense or isn’t
clinically effective.

And you’re lucky if what is on the label is in the capsule.

This is why we call Just Blue and all of our products “formulations” rather than supplements.

Our formulations are tested for purity and potency. This information is always available to all our consumers.

And we invest significant amounts of money and time on the research and development of our formulations.

They are always backed by multiple scientific studies. And they are clinically tested by the 4 physicians on the Troscriptions team.

We don’t have sales often

Because of how much we invest in our products, we don’t do offer sales very often. In fact, we don’t plan to offer another one any time soon.

But Dr. Maya asked us to give a special discount for those attending the conference.

So you can try Just Blue today for 15% off
our retail price.

How does Just Blue work?

Just Blue is unique buccal troche with 16 mg of pharmaceutical methylene blue

Each troche is scored for easy titration and calibration of your dose.

You simply titrate your dose (¼, ½, or a full troche), place it between your upper lip between the cheek and gums, and let it dissolve (do not move it).

In 15 to 30 minutes, you feel a boost of energy, your brain fog lift, your endurance ramp up….

And you’ll have blue tongue.

But don’t worry, you can just swallow Just Blue if choose and get the same benefits (just make sure you swallow it on an empty stomach).

Ready to get started?

For Dr. Maya’s attendees… we’re offering 15% off from now until the end of the conference.

Just click the button below and use the code DRMAYA.


If you spend more than $100, we’ll provide free shipping anywhere in the US.

Not ready?

Check out our comprehensive guide to Methylene Blue.

After reading, we know you’ll love this compound as much as we do.

Remember, the 15% off is only good until the end of the conference.

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