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Upgrade Your Brain to Limitless Mode
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Do You Experience...
  • Brain Fog?

  • Stumbling Over Words?

  • Memory Issues?

  • Lack of Focus?

  • Low Energy?

  • Lack of a Cognitive Edge?

Welcome to
the Blue-niverse

Troscriptions Benefits as Reported by our Smurfs

  • Enhanced Focus and Memory

  • Increased Verbal Fluidity

  • Better Word Recall

  • Faster Learning

  • Elevated Athletic Performance

  • Deeper Meditations

What is Troscriptions?

Our Nootropics (Bluetropics)

Blue Cannatine

  • Methylene Blue, 5mg
  • Nicotine, 1mg (non-tobacco derived)
  • Caffeine, 50mg
  • Hemp Crystals, Beatifically Derived, 5mg
  • Wide Focus (not tunnel vision)
  • Upgraded memory and recall
  • Next level Productivity
  • Verbal Fluidity
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Just Blue

  • Methylene Blue, 16mg
  • As featured in Dave’s Fall Quarterly Biohacking Box
  • High Definition Focus
  • Smooth energy upgrade
  • Brain Optimization Supplement
  • Say NO to fish tank cleaner. Only pharmaceutical grade MB here
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