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CBD is certainly no longer the new kid on the block. In the last five years, it has exploded on the market in products that range from shampoos, skin creams, tinctures, suppositories, and (well, we’re sure you guessed it) troches of course! Why is CBD use so widespread?
Nicotine is perhaps the most controversial nootropic in the world. Is it wrongly stigmatized due to its affiliation with cigarettes? If so, why are so many high performers using it.
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Caffeine is the most widely used nootropic in the world. You probably had some this morning. What makes it so popular, what are the nootropic affects? And should you be concerned about any downside?
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Methylene Blue is one of the most fascinating compounds in the world. Originally, this article was featured on Dave Asprey’s Biohacked blog, but we've expanded and added more information.