Our Mission:


Enlightenment Cheat Codes

Here at Troscriptions, we are Democratizing Enlightenment by providing “cheat codes” (i.e. troches) that improve mitochondrial health, brain function, relieve stress and tension, help you sleep, decrease pain, and more coming. They were developed to help you break free of self imposed roadblocks, thought patterns, past trauma, and (much) more that will inevitably litter your path.

Our Products Are:

Physician Formulated

Each troche is carefully crafted and tested by the four physicians on the Troscriptions Team.

Pharmaceutical Grade

Manufactured under the supervision of a compounding pharmacist in a GMP facility, all ingredients (+ the final products) are lab tested for purity and potency.

Precision Dosed

Each troche is scored into quarters for easy dose titration and because we test all of our products, you’ll know the exact amount you are taking each and every time.

Dr. Theodore Achacoso,
Troscriptions Chief

Dr. Ted is not your typical physician. He finished Medical School at the age of 22, was a full professor of Medical Informatics at George Washington University at 28, and at 45, retrained in Interventional Endocrinology and Nutritional Medicine.

What did he do in between? Ran a hedge fund, traded currency, birthed cloud computing technology, filed several US patents, published in peer-reviewed journals, and became a high level Tibetan Dzogchen practitioner.

Dr. Ted is the Founding Pioneer of Health Optimization Medicine and Practice, Troscriptions sister non-profit. He maintains an active tri-continental medical practice in Washington DC, Manila, and Paris.

A New Standard of Care for
Health (not disease)

A portion of Troscriptions proceeds goes to supporting Health Optimization Medicine and Practice (HOMe/HOPe), a 501(c) 3 charitable organization.

HOMe/HOPe is pioneered by Dr. Ted as the first multi-omics specialty that defines and delivers the standard of care for health, not disease. With the help of a team of dedicated practitioners, Dr. Ted’s framework is now available as an educational course for doctors and health practitioners.

Performance requires Health - There is no true performance optimization without prior health optimization.

Learn More - If you’re interested in learning more about the HOMe/HOPe framework, or working with a HOMe/HOPe practitioner, find out more here.

Quality to Our Care

There are 4 practicing medical doctors on the Troscriptions team including Dr. Ted (Neuroradiology, Pharmacology, AntiAging Medicine, HOMe), Dr. Scott (Internal Medicine, HOMe, HBOT), Dr. Harry (Family Medicine, Acupuncture, Psychedelic Medicine), and Dr. Shekhar (Internal Medicine, HOMe).

All have been emphatic that every Troscriptions product goes through an extensive testing and formulation process, be made in a GMP facility under the supervision of a compounding pharmacist, and all ingredients (plus final products) are pharmaceutical grade and/or or come with their own certification of analysis for purity and potency.