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The Smarter Not Harder podcast
The Smarter Not Harder podcast

We release new episodes every Wednesday.

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Smarter Not Harder Podcast

Adam chats with us about his unique approach to spot trends before they actually happen, how to simplify financial markets, his experience at the Princeton Review, his definition of struggle, the role of mentors, and so much more.
Dr. D’Agostino chats with host Dr. Scott Sherr on manta rays being ketogenic, his early research in the field of oxidative stress, ketones in cancer, ketones and its effect on mitochondrial function, ketones and epigenetics, and so much more.
Donald Hoffman unraveled what made him study consciousness; the different theories of consciousness, conscious agents, amplituhedron, reality, space time, psychedelics, his book “The Case Against Reality”, and so much more.
Listen along as we discuss metabolomics, your metabolome, genetic testing, and the Health Optimization Medicine and Practice framework.
Why Smarter Not Harder? Like everything in life, that requires a story. So here it goes...

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