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Adenosine for Skin: Benefits and Anti-Aging Properties
Jun 13, 2024
Adenosine plays a role in a wide range of physiological processes, such as sleep regulation, angiogenesis, and immune system modulation. It also shows interesting properties in humans as a local messenger in the skin.
Is GABA the same as gabapentin?
Jun 06, 2024
GABA and gabapentin are two fundamentally different compounds that share some important similarities. The goals of this article are to provide some background on each one as well as an overview of both their shared and unique qualities.
What is ATP synthase?
May 30, 2024
ATP synthase (also referred to as F1 Fo -ATPase or H+ -ATPase) is an extraordinarily prevalent complex of proteins found in all living organisms. Despite variations, ATP synthases are highly similar across species both structurally and functionally.
Does GABA help with weight loss?
May 23, 2024
Recent studies have highlighted GABA to be beneficial in several ways, with multiple biological activities of GABA attributed to insulin metabolism [3,4]. Notably, signaling through GABA receptors has been associated with body weight as well as the growth and maintenance of skeletal muscle [4].
4 Ways to Increase Melatonin Naturally
May 16, 2024
In this article, we'll be exploring 4 ways to naturally increase your melatonin levels through some dietary and lifestyle changes, whether it be lessening exposure to room light, eating foods like eggs and fish more often, or having one less cup of coffee!
What are the symptoms of GABA deficiency?
May 09, 2024
GABA plays a critical role in the brain and has potential implications for mental and physical health. Factors causing GABA deficiency can individually or collectively contribute to alterations of the GABAergic system leading to neurological symptoms.

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