Buccal Troche

noun buc·​cal TROH-kee

A small lozenge that dissolves between your upper cheek and gums.

Buccal Troches vs. Capsules

What is First-Pass Metabolism?

Our products are designed to bypass first-pass metabolism, a process where the concentration of an active ingredient is significantly reduced before it reaches the systemic circulation.

The Buccal Troche ensures that our uniquely formulated Troscriptions troches deliver an efficient dose directly into your blood stream via your cheek mucosa, providing maximum benefit with minimum waste.

Calibrate Your Dose with Troches

Troches from Troscriptions offer unprecedented control over dosage, enabling you to calibrate the exact amount according to your unique needs. 

Each of our buccal troches is quartered, allowing you to adjust as needed to ensure optimal effect.

You Can Always Swallow

Not comfortable with a colored tongue? Our Troscriptions troches can be conveniently swallowed. Keep in mind that, aside from Just Blue, this might require adjusting your dose to ensure the intended therapeutic effect.

Endorsed by Leading Health Professions and High Performers

Neil Strauss
Neil StraussAuthor of 10 New York Times Bestselling Books

I save my Tro Calm for those days when my mind races ahead of reality and throws me into unnecessary anxiety. It provides a gentle return to stillness and equanimity.

Miesha TateFormer UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion

My favorite thing about Blue Cannatine is that it allows me to function at a high level comfortably. It’s easy. I’m able to remember people’s names and go, go, go.

Carlos Condit
Carlos ConditRetired UFC Fighter

"I really like Blue Cannatine. It's the best thing I've taken to supercharge my brain. I am able to think quickly, slow things down, drop into flow, and it has been awesome to use during Jujitsu."

Ben Greenfield
Ben GreenfieldEntrepreneur & Bestselling Author

"Blue Cannatine is one of the best, most well-formulated yet unique nootropics I've discovered. If you haven't yet tried it, you absolutely MUST! You'll be blown away by the results, especially when combined with sunlight!"

Davinia Taylor
Davinia TaylorActress, Author, Biohacker, Socialite & Interior Designer

"Troscriptions provides the extra edge and endurance needed to plough through everything from my taxes to the London Marathon with clarity and joy."

Luke Storey
Luke StoreyPodcast Host, Meditation Teacher & Lifestyle Design Expert

"The Cosmic MD (Dr. Ted) has created one of the best nootropics on the planet. Blue Cannatine is my go-to when I record podcasts, give lectures, and when I need to function at my highest capacity."

Louis Essey Jr.Real Customer

"My girlfriend has anxiety and depression from childhood trauma I gave her the Brown tablets so she could get a good night's rest she loves them.. it has reduced or anxiety greatly.. it's time for me to reorder.. this is an amazing product thank you so much for bringing it on market... By the way I'm 76 years old.. and work a full-time job 40 hour week.."

Dorothy LuncheReal Customer

"Embrace Serenity: Tro Calm Relaxing Buccal Troches can be a healthier choice for those seeking relaxation without the adverse effects of alcohol. They provide a natural and mindful approach to stress management, promoting calmness. I take 1/2."

Courtney M.Real Customer

"Helps with anxiety and tension headaches. Trocalm has helped me with symptoms of anxiety and tension headaches. I get them often when I'm stressed. It also helps my overall body's constitution with the GABA, giving my brain some love."

David DuranReal Customer

"It’s great knowing that whenever I take that dose it’s going to be a difference maker. That’s whether I’m already firing away and need that extra focus, or even when I’m a bit drained and need to get back on track. It works in the best of ways for my lifestyle."

Carolyn HicksReal Customer

"I have started taking this product for several reasons and improved mitochondria function is the main one. However, the energy boost is very welcome too. I can take a half square and be able to complete what was once a very taxing schedule much more easily. I am almost 70 and often work rings around people ten to twenty years younger."

Cassandra S.Real Customer

"I am hooked on MB. When I take Just Blue I have so much energy and focus and just generally feel great! Love to pair it with red light therapy/sunlight as well!"

Julie DavisReal Customer

"Blue Cannatine lifts my mood, helps me feel less tired after a short night's sleep, and relieves my brain fog if I eat or drink badly. It really saves me at work some days."

Gwen KellyReal Customer

"I’ve never felt this sharp and able to multitask. I’m using this with the RCP protocol. I had bouts of literal memory gaps. Now I feel clear, memory recall much improved, to the point where I feel confident stating events happening a certain way with a family member that likes to gaslight me. Worth every penny."

K. DewReal Customer

"I’ve been on a diet that requires I really limit my coffee intake and caffeine intake. This has been a bit of a hack for me to get a bump for the extreme mental performance required of me for work. I’m not a fan of the staining, for that I cannot give it 5 stars but it isn’t a deal breaker. I’ll be ordering more I think."

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