Buccal troche

noun buc·​cal TROH-kee

A small lozenge that dissolves between your upper cheek and gums.

What is a troche?

At Troscriptions, we use one of the most unique drug/supplement delivery methods on the planet: the buccal troche. A buccal troche is a small lozenge that dissolves between your upper cheek and gums. It has been used for decades by compounding pharmacists for drugs like oxytocin, ketamine, hormone replacement, and others. 

Dr. Ted and the physicians on the Troscriptions team have used buccal troches for years in this context and, due to their many advantages, decided to be the first company ever to scale their production for the non-prescription market. 

Buccal Troches vs. Capsules

Troche Capsule
Onset of a Buccal TrocheOnset

✓ Fast

✗ Slow

Bioavailability of a Buccal TrocheBioavailability ✓ Quick absorption via the cheek mucsoa, higher bioavailability. ✗ Digested and processed in the liver, decreasing bioavailability.
Proximity to brain of a Buccal TrocheProximity to brain ✓ Faster and direct access to the brain via the cheek mucosa. ✗ Slower path to the brain through the digestive system.

Troche medications and lozenges: the history and differences

The earliest precursor to lozenges dates back to as early as 1000 BC in Egypt. These ancient cough drop candies were made from honey, herbs, and spices to help soothe the throat. During the 19th century, heroin and morphine were added to suppress coughing (we are not kidding!). There have been many evolutions of the lozenge since then, including the famed Swiss selling Ricola to the masses (while yodeling).

Troche medications were developed from lozenges in the 20th century for more rapid onset and more precise and reliable dosing. They remain in use today by compounding pharmacies worldwide.

Don’t swallow your drugs! (If there’s a buccal troche for it.)

When you swallow your supplements or drugs, they are digested in the stomach and small intestines, absorbed through the lining of the gut, and then pass through the liver in a process called first-pass metabolism.

First of all, this process takes a while. For most people, this will take at least 30 minutes but can be delayed up to 2 hours.

Second of all, first-pass metabolism decreases compound bioavailability (i.e. the proportion of a drug or other substance that enters the circulation when introduced into the body that has an active effect), often dramatically. 

Buccal troches, in contrast, bypass first-pass metabolism and directly infuse their ingredients into the bloodstream via the highly vascular cheek mucosa. This means you’ll have a reliable onset of action in 15 to 30 minutes (not up to 2 hours when ingested) and none of the troche ingredients will lose their potency.

Plus, as a bonus, troche ingredients have a quick path to the brain given their proximity. This is game-changing for nootropics that turn your brain on and just as beneficial for troches that help you relax and sleep.

What are the key benefits of using troches?

Buccal troches (in general):

  • Easy to use 
  • Rapid-acting 
  • Preserve bioavailability 
  • Have a direct route to the brain via cheek mucosa 
  • Have been used safely and effectively by compounding pharmacists for decades (i.e., hormone replacement and ketamine troches)

In addition, buccal troches at Troscriptions are:

  • Precision dosed 
  • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Physician formulated 
  • Made in a GMP-compliant facility 
  • Scored into quarters (so each troche can be easily cut into four individual doses for easy titration)

How to use your buccal troche

Guy smiling while holding a troche

1. Choose your starting point

Decide on your starting dose and, if needed, cut the troche accordingly.
Guy using buccal troche between cheek and gum

2. Find the sweet spot

Gently place the troche between your gums and upper cheek.
Woman with a blue tongue holding box

3. Patience is key

Allow the troche to dissolve completely.
Woman with a blue tongue with her eyes closed holding a blue cannatine troscriptions box

4. Feel the shift

Soon you'll feel methylene blue 's transformational effects as it powers up your cells.
Enlightened guy that's happy holding Troscriptions product box with confetti

5. Unlock energy and resilience

Just Blue will brighten your focus, boost your mood, your energy, and your endurance.

Examples of troches

Tro Zzz

Don’t ruin your day with yet another sleepless night.

Tro Zzz has been carefully calibrated by the 4 physicians on our team to give you the sleep you need, tonight.

Just Blue

Overwhelmed by brain fog, inflammation, and lack of energy?

Just Blue is pure cellular revitalization, brightening your focus, decreasing inflammation, and boosting your energy and endurance.

Tro Calm

Tired of a mind that won’t stop, unending daily pressures, and craving a moment of calm?

Swap your monkey mind for a quiet mind, liberate yourself from stress, and elevate every moment with clarity and calm.

Blue Cannatine

Need freedom from endless distraction and lackluster productivity?

Blue Cannatine gives you clean, laser-sharp focus, massive productivity, and hours of pure flow.

You can always swallow your buccal troche

Although our products are formulated as buccal troches, they can also be swallowed. However, if swallowed, the onset will be slower and, due to first-pass metabolism, all but Just Blue (as methylene blue is 100% bioavailable no matter the route of administration) may require higher dosing to ensure the intended therapeutic effect.

Endorsed by leading health professionals and high performers

Neil Strauss
Neil StraussAuthor of 10 New York Times Bestselling Books

I save my Tro Calm for those days when my mind races ahead of reality and throws me into unnecessary anxiety. It provides a gentle return to stillness and equanimity.

Miesha TateFormer UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion

My favorite thing about Blue Cannatine is that it allows me to function at a high level comfortably. It’s easy. I’m able to remember people’s names and go, go, go.

Carlos Condit
Carlos ConditRetired UFC Fighter

"I really like Blue Cannatine. It's the best thing I've taken to supercharge my brain. I am able to think quickly, slow things down, drop into flow, and it has been awesome to use during Jujitsu."

Ben Greenfield
Ben GreenfieldEntrepreneur & Bestselling Author

"Blue Cannatine is one of the best, most well-formulated yet unique nootropics I've discovered. If you haven't yet tried it, you absolutely MUST! You'll be blown away by the results, especially when combined with sunlight!"

Davinia Taylor
Davinia TaylorActress, Author, Biohacker, Socialite & Interior Designer

"Troscriptions provides the extra edge and endurance needed to plough through everything from my taxes to the London Marathon with clarity and joy."

Luke Storey
Luke StoreyPodcast Host, Meditation Teacher & Lifestyle Design Expert

"The Cosmic MD (Dr. Ted) has created one of the best nootropics on the planet. Blue Cannatine is my go-to when I record podcasts, give lectures, and when I need to function at my highest capacity."

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