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Yes indeed. They are PONs + pyschoplastogens! Let us explain....

The use of classical psychedelic substances for therapeutic purposes has surged in recent years. Although in its infancy, research has also alluded to the potential benefits of ‘microdosing’ psychedelics for health and wellness, namely by lowering depression, anxiety, and stress as well as enhancing cognitive performance [2].  

Today’s article poses the following questions: is it possible for psychedelics to be nootropics? If so, how? And could the neural plasticity-altering effects of these well-known drugs be harnessed to enhance brain function (i.e are they pyschoplastogens)? 

But first...what are nootropics again? 

  • 8 min read
Before starting Troscriptions in 2019, we did a huge amount of research into the history of nootropics, the many varieties out there, and we tried many (many!) along the way. Although our brains usually enjoyed the ride (with some notably terrible exceptions), it became clear that no one could agree what a nootropic really was and what it wasn’t.   
  • 6 min read

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