Dr. Nathan Bryan: Nitric Oxide's Role in Erectile Function

In this episode of the Smarter Not Harder Podcast, host Dr. Scott Sherr is joined by guest Dr. Nathan Bryan to give one-cent solutions to life’s $64,000 questions that include:
  • What are the lesser-known roles of nitric oxide in the body? What are the different types of nitric oxide?
  • How does methylene blue affect the nitric oxide system?
  • How do we test for nitric oxide? What are the main sources of nitric oxide production?
  • How does nitric oxide affect insulin resistance, the reproductive system, and how does it come into play in the oral microbiome?

Who is Dr. Nathan Bryan?

Nathan S. Bryan, PhD is an international leader in molecular medicine and nitric oxide biochemistry.

Specifically, Dr. Bryan was the first to describe nitrite and nitrate as indispensable nutrients required for optimal cardiovascular health. He was the first to demonstrate and discover an endocrine function of nitric oxide via the formation of S-nitrosoglutathione and inorganic nitrite.

What did Dr. Scott discuss with Dr. Nathan Bryan?

00:00 - Up Next
00:56 - SNH Podcast Intro
01:23 - Who is Dr. Nathan Bryan?
05:33 - What are the lesser-known roles of nitric oxide in the body?
08:33 - Nitric oxide depletion during hyperbaric oxygen therapy
10:02 - Nitric oxide in the mitochondria
11:17 - Other mechanisms where nitric oxide is involved
13:05 - Different types of nitric oxide
17:07 - How methylene blue affects the nitric oxide system
22:16 - What in the body changes as we get older that makes it difficult for the body to produce nitric oxide?
25:42 - Testing for nitric oxide
29:02 - Main sources of nitric oxide production
30:55 - Nitric oxide is a hormone
32:45 - Mouthwash, blood pressure, and the oral microbiome
33:30 - Fluoride (and anything antiseptic) is bad news
34:07 - Antacids and nitric oxide production
36:38 - First things you'll notice if you're becoming nitric oxide deficient
39:25 - How nitric oxide can reduce insulin resistance
41:47 - Viagra and nitric oxide
44:29 - Ways to replete the bacteria in the mouth to increase nitric oxide
46:18 - Issues with dental medicine
47:43 - The endothelium is the largest organ
49:21 - Half-life of nitric oxide
50:03 - Nitric oxide overload in clinical practice
52:44 - 3 ways to live Smarter Not Harder
54:52 - Where to find more about Dr. Nathan

Find more from Dr. Nathan Bryan:

Website: drnathansbryan.com

YouTube: www.youtube.com/@DrNathanSBryanNitricOxide

Pneuma Nitric Oxide: www.n1o1.com

BTI Nitric Oxide: www.bryantherapeutics.com

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