Smarter Not Harder podcast: consciousness

Dr. Bobby Azarian: Exploring the Depths of Neuroscience, Evolution, and Consciousness
Oct 04, 2023
In this episode of the Smarter Not Harder Podcast, our guest Dr. Bobby Azarian joins our host Dr. Ted Achacoso to give one-cent solutions to life’s $64,000 questions that include: How does the neuroscience of belief and cognitive biases, such as confirmation bias and the Dunning-Kruger effect, impact our resistance to changing beliefs and our approach to epistemic foraging? In what ways can understanding the concept of hierarchical emergence in the universe, and viewing everything from ant colonies to nations as a single organism, contribute to our understanding of consciousness, self-modeling, and mental resilience? How can the exploration of theories such as the Bayesian brain hypothesis, neuroDarwinism, terror management theory, and Cleodynamics enhance our understanding of the human mind, the universe, and the potential for predicting chaotic events?
Dr. Donald Hoffman
Feb 01, 2023
Donald Hoffman unraveled what made him study consciousness; the different theories of consciousness, conscious agents, amplituhedron, reality, space time, psychedelics, his book “The Case Against Reality”, and so much more.
The Smarter Not Harder Podcast
Jan 05, 2023
Why Smarter Not Harder? Like everything in life, that requires a story. So here it goes...

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