Practitioner Interviews

Dr. Harry Mcilroy
Sep 21, 2023
Dr. Scott interviews Dr. Harry Mcilroy, a family physician and integrative MD at Bioreset Medical in San Jose, California. Dr. Harry is also a part of the Tro Team and was instrumental in helping launch Blue Cannatine, making the first samples in his kitchen in San Francisco. In this conversation, Dr. Harry discusses his use of Just Blue and Blue Cannatine in clinical practice. He and Dr. Scott discuss Lyme Disease, Bartonella, post COVID, chronic complex medical illness, and much more, including the utility of Tro+ Blue dosing. Watch Now
Dr. Alan Sherr
Sep 17, 2023
In this interview, Dr. Scott Sherr interviews his father, Dr. Alan Sherr. Dr. Alan Sherr owns the Northport Wellness Center ( in Northport, NY. He has been a Chiropractor for over 40 years and runs a clinic with >40 allied professionals with over 2,000 patient visits per month. Dr. Alan Sherr has been using Troscriptions products in his office since 2020 and has more experience than almost anyone else using them, especially Blue Cannatine and Just Blue.  He also uses Tro Calm often as well as it effectively decreases "threshold". This is a short but wide ranging interview slightly cut off the end (of note). Please enjoy! Watch Now
Practitioner Interview-The Natural Doctors (Jess and Xandra)
Jul 16, 2023
In this interview, Dr. Scott is interviewed by Jess and Xandra in Manchester, UK. They discuss methylene blue in detail and how they use it personally as well as in their clinical practices. You'll hear how Xandra has a unique troche placement process that completely bypasses her blue teeth and how Dr. Jess uses Just Blue with fantastic success in patients with chronic inflammation. Watch Now
Dr. Maya Shetreat (NY, NY)
Jul 15, 2023
This interview was recorded with Dr. Maya Shetreat, Board Certified Neurologist, and Dr. Scott Sherr from the Troscriptions team. Dr. Maya interviewed Dr. Scott for her Master Plant Experience online summit which had over 80,000 participants. Listen to hear Dr. Maya's story of how she learned about methylene blue (spoiler alert: her dog!) and how she uses it in clinical practice. Dr. Scott also goes through the science of methylene blue in detail here as well. Watch Now
Practitioner Interview - Dani Williamson (Memphis, TN)
Jul 15, 2023
Dr. Scott interviews Dani Williamson, a multi-talented practitioner in Tennessee who uses all Troscriptions products in her practice, especially Blue Cannatine and Tro Calm. You'll hear Dani also talk about her son who is in medical school and uses Blue Cannatine to help him study and Just Blue to bounce back fast from sleep deprivation. This is a wide ranging yet concise 30 minute interview. Enjoy! Watch Now
Practitioner Interview - Nat Niddam
Jul 14, 2023
In this 30-minute interview, Dr. Scott Sherr discusses how Nat Niddam, founder of the Biohacking Superhuman Performance Podcast and a very popular peptide group on Facebook, uses Troscriptions products personally and as a practitioner. Included in this discussion is a deep dive into methylene blue for urinary tract infections, troches vs. drops, and much more! Watch Now