Tro Mune: 5 Ways Cordycepin Boosts Your Immune System Function

Written by: Dr. Scott Sherr | Last updated: | 1 min.

Are you ready to swap your endless colds and constant inflammation for an immune shield of unmatched power and resilience? While you drift into a deep, healing sleep, Tro Mune is here to protect you and help you feel better, faster. Here's how:

1. Antioxidant Powerhouse

Cordycepin is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cellular damage and helps neutralize free radicals within the body, decreasing inflammation, and improving cellular health.

2. Supercharges Immune Cells

Cordycepin ramps up the activity of macrophages and natural killer cells turning them into super soldiers ready to obliterate pathogens.

Tro Mune

Tro Mune is here to protect you. To heal you. So that the next time you call in “sick,” you are actually feeling kind of awesome and just need a day off!

3. Signals the Troops

It boosts the production of cytokines, little messengers in your body that help your cells talk to each other, effectively sounding the alarm and mobilizing a swift and strong immune response against invaders.

4. RNA Rupture

Cordycepin throws a wrench into the RNA replication machinery of infectious agents, halting their spread and giving your immune system the upper hand.

5. Enhance Deep Sleep

Cordycepin increases NREM (Deep) sleep, prolongs sleep time, and when do we do our best healing? When we get good, restorative sleep!

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