Sleep Better Tonight: 5 Game-Changing Benefits of Tro Zzz's Sleep Formula

Written by: Dr. Scott Sherr | Last updated: | 1 min.

Sleepless nights ruining your days? Isn't it time you woke up refreshed every morning? Tro Zzz is not your typical sleep supplement. It has 7 unique ingredients that address all aspects of your sleep. Here's how:

1. Fall asleep, fast

Soon after hitting the pillow, Tro Zzz quickly drops you into dreamland, leveraging both melatonin and adenosine to do this with ease, even if you've had too much coffee (again).

2. Enhance your deep sleep

Tro Zzz contains Cordycepin, from the cordyceps mushroom, which increases your deep sleep. Deep sleep is when you detox, heal, and learn.

Tro Zzz

Don’t ruin your day with yet another sleepless night.

Tro Zzz has been carefully calibrated by the 4 physicians on our team to give you the sleep you need, tonight.

3. Stay asleep

3am wakeups got you down? Tro Zzz contains 5-HTP which helps you maintain asleep. If you still happen to wake up, it also contains Agarin, which will quelch any racing thoughts and let you easily get back to sleep.

4. Sleep longer

Tro Zzz contains CBN and CBD, both non psychoactive cannabinoids from the hemp plant, that decrease inflammation, protect your brain, and balance your body's endocannabinoid system.

5. Wake up refreshed and relaxed

Tro Zzz leverages the potent combination of Honokiol and Agarin to support all sleep stages so are ready to conquer whatever the next day may bring.

Try Tro Zzz for 10% Off for a Limited Time

Try Tro Zzz for 10% Off for a Limited Time

Are you ready to:
✔ Fall asleep faster
✔ Stay asleep
✔ Easily fall back asleep, if you do awaken...
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