Blue Cannatine

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Lack of focus and productivity have you feeling like you've lost your edge?

Blue Cannatine offers the clarity you crave. By enhancing cognitive agility and clearing brain fog, it's the secret weapon that keeps you sharp, energized, and ready to tackle any task.

Increase productivity
Improve focus
Access flow states on demand
1 Pack = 4 Troches = Up to 16 Doses

Active ingredients

5 mg. A powerful brain booster that increases energy production and builds resilience.
1 mg. Sharpens focus, enhances memory, and speeds up reaction time, safely.
50 mg. Boosts alertness and reduces fatigue, giving you that much-needed productivity power.


10 mg. CBD reduces stress, protects the brain, and promotes a calmer, more focused, and more blissful mind.

Other Ingredients

polyethylene glycol (PEG), stevia extract, lou han extract, peppermint, silica, Bitter-Bloc™

Key features

Personalized dosing

Every person is unique, and so is their optimal dose. We recognize this individuality, which is why each of our troches is scored. This design makes it effortless for users to split the troche and customize their dosage based on personal preference and response. The average launching dose for Blue Cannatine is ½ troche. There are 4 troches in each pack, and up to 16 servings.

Calibrate your dose of Blue Cannatine

Guy smiling while holding a troche

1. Choose your starting point

Decide on your starting dose and, if needed, cut the troche accordingly.
Guy using buccal troche between cheek and gum

2. Find the sweet spot

Gently place the troche between your gums and upper cheek.
Woman with a blue tongue holding box

3. Patience is key

Allow the troche to dissolve completely.
Woman with a blue tongue with her eyes closed holding a blue cannatine troscriptions box

4. Feel the shift

In just 15 to 30 minutes, you'll begin to sense Blue Cannatine’s transformative effects.
Enlightened guy that's happy holding Troscriptions product box with confetti

5. Launch into flow

Enjoy the ride for the next 3 to 5 hours!

Buccal troche delivery

Have you been swallowing your supplements up until now? At Troscriptions, we do things a little differently - we use buccal troches

A buccal troche is a uniquely designed delivery system that enhances the absorption of active ingredients directly into your bloodstream. Traditional methods (like tablets or powders) must navigate the detours of your digestive system, but buccal troches allow for more rapid and
effective absorption by skipping the digestive system. The result? A swift, potent effect for maximum benefits.

Beyond USP ingredients

USP designates a pharmaceutical grade ingredient but for some this may not be enough and there can still be contaminants. This is why at Troscriptions, we go above and Beyond USP. Every ingredient undergoes additional rigorous testing for heavy metals, purity, and potency providing you with peace of mind. Experience the Troscriptions difference, where premium quality and safety are our unwavering commitment to you.

Child resistant packaging

Your safety and your family's safety is our top priority, which is why we've gone an extra mile to utilize child-resistant packaging for our products. We understand that this might make the packaging slightly more challenging to open, but it's a measure designed with the utmost safety in mind.

Frequently asked questions

Dive into a world where your potential magnifies with Blue Cannatine. Here’s what our community and users have raved about:

  • Unleashed Productivity: Tackle tasks with intensity. From deadlines to dream projects, witness a massive uptick in your output.
  • Swift Skill Mastery: Picking up a new hobby or mastering a challenging skill? Blue Cannatine accelerates your learning curve, making rapid skill acquisition a reality.
  • Laser-Sharp Focus: Distractions fade into the background, allowing you to zero in on what truly matters. Your concentration game is about to hit new peaks.
  • Amplified Gym Performance: Feel an extra surge of power and stamina during workouts, pushing your physical limits at the gym.
  • Improved Memory: Information recall becomes swift and seamless, paving the way for enhanced learning experiences.
  • Articulate Conversations: Engage in discussions with increased verbal fluidity, making social interactions and presentations smoother.
  • Meditative Depths: Amplify your meditation sessions, reaching deeper states of relaxation and mindfulness.

With Blue Cannatine, it's not just about enhancing your current capabilities—it's about unlocking new realms of possibility.

See our blog articles for a deep dive into the science of all ingredients in Blue Cannatine.

Methylene Blue




If used as a buccal troche, yes. The rate of discoloration varies between 2 to 24 hours.

Warning: In addition to being a star ingredient, methylene blue is a dye. It will temporarily stain your mouth (including your teeth). If you have any concerns about dental work and/or prolonged staining, please consult your dentist. Blue tongue resolution speed will depend on how much you move it around when it is dissolving and the amount you use. There is no quick antidote but if you want to reduce the blue faster we have included tips below.


When methylene blue is reduced, it decolorizes. Reducing agents such as sodium bicarbonate — add 1/4 tsp baking soda in 4 fl oz water and rinse the mouth with it for a few minutes — should reduce the methylene blue. This should be done ideally 5-10 minutes after the troche has fully dissolved. Since the reaction is acid-catalyzed, rinse the mouth with 1 part vinegar, and 1 part water first, right before rinsing with baking soda, which would hasten the decolorizing reaction. We also find that hot liquids help as well!

Polyethylene Glycol is a long-established FDA-approved drug delivery method used around the world, especially by compounding pharmacists. Do not confuse polyethylene glycol with propylene glycol. The latter is antifreeze and will kill you if you drink it…so please don’t do that!

Our formulations use polyethylene glycol that is both non-absorbable and very low dose, meaning that it does not get absorbed into your body and it will not cause GI distress or any of those other symptoms/issues that you may have heard about.

For more information, please see this article for an in-depth explanation.

There are 4 whole troches in each package and each troche can be cut into four quarters. Therefore, one pack can yield up to 16 doses, depending on your personalized needs. The troches are scored for easy titration.

Start with 1/4 troche to 1/2 troche and increase the dosage until you reach your optimal dose.

DO NOT exceed more than 4 whole troches in a 24-hour period.

For Tro+ Blue, the above instructions may not apply. Please follow the directions from your healthcare provider.

If it is not safe for you to use stimulants due to any medical condition, please do not use this product.

Do not use methylene blue if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have G6PD deficiency.

To avoid the risk of serotonin syndrome, do not use methylene blue if you are taking serotonergic drugs such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI), serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRI), or monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOi) unless directed by your healthcare practitioner.

There is also a potential risk for serotonin syndrome when methylene blue is used in combination with “psychedelics” that block serotonin reuptake therefore one should avoid this combination.

Endorsed by leading health professionals and high achievers

Carlos Condit
Carlos ConditRetired UFC Fighter

"I really like Blue Cannatine. It's the best thing I've taken to supercharge my brain. I am able to think quickly, slow things down, drop into flow, and it has been awesome to use during Jujitsu."

Meischa Tate
Miesha TateFormer UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion

My favorite thing about Blue Cannatine is that it allows me to function at a high level comfortably. It’s easy. I’m able to remember people’s names and go, go, go.

K. DewReal Customer

"I’ve been on a diet that requires I really limit my coffee intake and caffeine intake. This has been a bit of a hack for me to get a bump for the extreme mental performance required of me for work. I’m not a fan of the staining, for that I cannot give it 5 stars but it isn’t a deal breaker. I’ll be ordering more I think."

Gwen KellyReal Customer

"I’ve never felt this sharp and able to multitask. I’m using this with the RCP protocol. I had bouts of literal memory gaps. Now I feel clear, memory recall much improved, to the point where I feel confident stating events happening a certain way with a family member that likes to gaslight me. Worth every penny."

Julie DavisReal Customer

"Blue Cannatine lifts my mood, helps me feel less tired after a short night's sleep, and relieves my brain fog if I eat or drink badly. It really saves me at work some days."

Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews

Stimulated and not hungry, easier to fast with. ONly thing stopping me from eating all day is $

Bonnie F.
Awesome product

Love the energy and clears brain fog. Customer for life

Sunday D.
It works

I had Covid twice and RVI once all in 2 years. I am 76 years old. Left my brain in a waste land of confusion. Blue Cannatine has & is given me back my old self.

Nancy G.
This really works!

This formula really works!

josh L.
mental clarity

its some kind of magical Brain food- I am 79, and
I feel more endurance when bicycling - it is something
very special as a supplement ! Some kind of " food for Mitochondria " !
I am new to this experience , and will continue to use it , Not
everyday - and welcome the experience of more clarity !

Why Troscriptions?

Our team isn't just built on expertise - it's powered by real-world clinical application. We have 4 physicians on the team who use Troscriptions in their practice.

Pharmaceutical grade

We traverse the globe to create, craft and discover groundbreaking, effective ingredients, subjecting each one to rigorous testing for unparalleled purity and potency.

Precision dosed

All ingredients are evenly distributed and carefully calibrated into our formulas. Plus, our troches are scored to help you easily find your unique dosage.
3rd party testing

3rd party testing

Every formulation we craft undergoes meticulous 3rd party testing, ensuring you're receiving nothing but the finest.

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