Meet the Troscriptions Family

The Troscriptions team (Tx Team) is brilliant, scrappy, flexible (especially Dr. Harry as you’ll soon find out), and loves to give (and receive) good blue jobs whenever possible. They work closely with Dr. Ted to bring his brilliant and cutting edge ideas to life. On this week’s blog, let’s introduce them! 


Dr. Scott is the acting COO of Trosciptions and also known as “the Blue Man in the USA”. Dr. Scott met Dr. Ted 3 years ago during (inner) journeys to outer space and soon thereafter signed on to both be the COO of HOMe/HOPe USe and to birth the beautiful blueness (and soon-to-be other colors) of Troscriptions.

At Troscriptions, Dr. Scott keeps the tro-bird flying by writing most of the copy, managing our IG feed, occasionally breaking the internet (he adamantly denies this one), cultivating relationships, and finding the most unique ways to blue himself or, if low on supply, blueing himself and his kids with frozen blueberries.  ⁠

If you meet Dr. Scott one day, ask him about the time he Blued himself while acting out his favorite scene from Almost Famous. Hint: there's a pool involved :) 

With Trosciptions,  Dr. Scott enjoys getting paid in troches, pats on the bottom, and 💗⁠ emojis.⁠ ⁠

Formally, Dr. Scott is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician specializing in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and runs a virtual and worldwide HBOT consulting, education, and advocacy practice. He also has his own concierge HOMe practice.  

Dr. Harry is the co-formulator and co-mad scientist at Troscriptions. He combines Dr. Ted's crazy ideas with his own and makes beautifully potent (and mostly good tasting) troches that so far include Blue Cannatine and Just Blue with several more in the pipeline.⁠ Colors! So many colors! 

Residing on a property with 2 yurts, a goat, and his own meth lab (just kidding. It’s a troche lab of course!) in Sonoma County, he is a family physician, licensed Acupuncturist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Osteopath, Nutritionist, and authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher (a very flexible guy, Harry is!). And that's not all! 

Dr. Harry also specializes in cannabis and lectures worldwide on the clinical practice of cannabis medicine. He is a big proponent of psychedelic medicine and was in the third cohort at the Center for Psychedelic Studies in San Francisco. ⁠

Next there is Boomer Anderson, our deputy CEO and Blue Man in Europe. ⁠ Boomer decodes superhumans on his podcast Decoding Superhuman and if you happen to be in Amsterdam where he lives, you'll probably find him walking the canals and contemplating business strategy while (supposedly) avoiding the red light district and coffee shops. 

Boomer had Dr. Scott and Dr. Ted on his podcast in the summer of 2019 BC (Before Corona) and after an instant connection to their work, his journey into Dr. Ted's cosmic lands began. ⁠

Boomer is also the CEO of HOPe Europe, has his own HOPe practice, advises several businesses in the biohacking space, loves to talk about productivity, has his own TED talk, occasionally gets on the leaderboard with his CAROL bike, and at Troscriptions he is business strategist, financial modeler, relationship builder, and BBQ specialist. You'll have to ask him about the last one when you meet him! 

Sarah Achacoso is the Troscriptions’ Dominatrix. Somehow Sarah is able to wield the amorphous organic grass fed organism that is Troscriptions with precision, with grace, and a healthy smattering of off-color (and probably sexual) jokes. ⁠

All would be lost without Sarah...including your troches! She takes care of all our logistics, answers most of your customer service questions, and cracks the whip so you get your orders on time. Sarah has also been known to throw in some extra troches for large orders and repeat customers as well. ⁠(hint, hint!). ⁠

Like most of the Tx team, Sarah is also a science nerd and graduated from UC Davis with a BS in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in neurobiology, physiology and behavior. She worked as a financial auditor and consultant for 10 years before joining Dr. Ted’s HOMe/HOPe team as our Dominatrix there as well. ⁠

On the HOMe/HOPe side, probably while sporting a blue tongue, she's also working behind the scenes to keep the HOMe/HOPe association humming. ⁠

Nick is the youngest member of the Tro-fam and UC Davis grad in Biotechnology. At Troscriptions, Nick researches all the ingredients Dr. Ted (his Gruncle) and Dr. Harry mixes into our magic troches and shares troche guinea pig / taste tester duties with Dr. Scott and Boomer. ⁠

On the golf course, due to his impressive handicap, Nick is our wheeler-and-dealer in training. He's just about ready to blue himself and make it rain troscriptions far and wide. ⁠After throwing a few holes during his round, (to make the rest of his golf foursome feel like they actually had a chance) he'll likely then invite them out for his favorite non-sport past time: karaoke! ⁠

Nick has been known to mosey up to the mic and sing (+ dance) his ass off to Smooth Operator, Staying Alive, Lose Yourself, and a whole lotta country too. ⁠Watch out ladies! ⁠ We are grateful for Nick's growing role with the Tro team. But enough about him. Nick is probably blueing himself right now (he's flexible). Are you?! ⁠

Pauline Tokunaga, our in-house lawyer. She works law magic so we can keep the supply of troche magic flowing. We certainly don't make it easy for her :) 

Pauline has many talents. Some of which she'd certainly not like us to write about here⁠ BUT what we can say is she is a Supermom to her three boys and loves to randomly break out in dance, travel the world, drink her coffee, strike a yoga pose, and take long walks away from it all. ⁠

Pauline's also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with extensive experience in preparing and auditing financial statements for small privately held companies, non-profit organizations, school districts, cities and banks. ⁠As a lawyer, she specializes in taxation, estate planning, business formation, (and more recently) the wild world of troche production. ⁠

Pauline is also the in-house lawyer for HOMe/HOPe and works closely with Sarah, her younger sister. Those two usually get along...but we aren't sure who would actually win in a fight if it came to blows?! Any bets?