2023 Health Optimization Recap

In this episode of the Smarter Not Harder Podcast, host Boomer Anderson is joined by Dr. Theodore Achacoso, Dr. Scott Sherr, and Jodi Duval to give one-cent solutions to life’s $64,000 questions that include:

  • How is AI, particularly large language models like ChatGPT, transforming the healthcare industry through advancements in medical knowledge, data analysis, and personalized healthcare?

  • What are the ethical considerations being raised with the increasing integration of AI in daily life, especially concerning emotional connections with technology, data ownership, and potential over-reliance on AI systems?

  • What trends are emerging in the field of data-driven health optimization, and how will evidence-based approaches and data integrity shape the future of personalized medicine and health information management?

What We Discuss:

(0:00:04) - The impact of generative AI on health optimization, including ChatGPT's ability to pass medical exams and its potential to revolutionize diagnostics like cancer detection

(0:08:14) - How health professionals and researchers can use large language models like ChatGPT and Google's Bard to enhance their work

(0:21:22) - The impact of advanced interactive toys on parenting, the groundbreaking possibilities of brain-computer interfaces, and the ethical implications of creating digital personas posthumously

(0:37:12) - Major trends in health optimization and the importance of data-driven decision-making, the democratization of vitamin and cofactor level testing, emerging therapies, and the evolving landscape of data ownership.

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