Dave Asprey: What is the Laziness Principle and How to Use it to Your Advantage?

Dave Asprey with Dr. Ted Achacoso: What is the Laziness Principle and How to Use it to Your Advantage?

In this episode of the Smarter Not Harder podcast, we are joined by the father of Biohacking, Dave Asprey. He educates us on the laziness principle and how to utilize it to our advantage, exposomics and epigenetics, and if spirituality can be hacked.



Dave Asprey is a four-time New York Times bestselling science author, the creator of the Bulletproof Coffee, the founder of the Bulletproof Company, and is also known as “the Father of Biohacking”. He attended University of California, Santa Barbara and majored in computer science and later earned his undergraduate degree in computer information systems from California State University, Stanislaus. He then earned his MBA from Wharton.

He is also the host of the Webby award-winning podcast “The Human Upgrade with Dave Asprey” and has been featured in different outlets such as Men’s Health, Wired, the Joe Rogan Experience, CNN, and more.


00:00:31 - About Dave Asprey
00:05:15 - About Dave’s book, “Smarter Not Harder”
00:05:55 - How can laziness make us strong?
00:10:57 - Why the body wants to conserve energy rather than using it
00:12:55 - How does one cheat the spike?
00:19:47 - How does it become an inside job?
00:25:35 - What is exposome and what’s glyphosate got to do with it?
00:27:22 - What are lectins and why should we avoid them?
00:34:35 - More about Vitamin D
00:42:42 - Why mitochondria is focused on in his book?
00:45:21 - What are omega six fatty acids and why are they a double edged sword?
00:51:16 - What is supplement active PQQ and what does it do?
00:52:25 - Does PQQ affects the ratio of cardiolipins in the mitochondria?
00:53:44 - How does a pulsed EMF affect your energy level and metabolism?
00:56:32 - What is HUSO?
01:00:32 - How do we hack the epigenome and what does the test that measures ones’ epigenetic age do?
01:04:54 - Dave’s opinion on 3D printed meat
01:05:01 - How did coming to terms with emotions help Dave in his divorce?
01:10:12 - Why is equanimity the highest spiritual target?
01:12:26 - Dave’s top 3 Smarter Not Harder hacks to live a happy life
01:14:45 - Dave’s take on psychedelics




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