Reshaping Your Sleep Schedule to Beat Sleep Deprivation + Boost REM Sleep

Reshaping Your Sleep Schedule to Beat Sleep Deprivation + Boost REM Sleep

In this episode of the Smarter Not Harder Podcast, host Boomer Anderson is joined by Dr. Ted Achacoso and Dr. Scott Sherr to give one-cent solutions to life’s $64,000 questions that include:

  • Why is sleep essential for both our physical and mental health and what techniques can be employed to optimize sleep quality?
  • How to improve sleep quality and which supplements help?
  • What changes in lifestyle can cause alterations in an individual's chronotype and sleep patterns?

What Did We Discuss?

(0:02:00) - Why sleep is vital for our physical and mental health, and the consequences of sleep deprivation, and the significance of REM sleep and a proper sleep schedule.

(0:14:09) - Sleep optimization techniques, the role of metabolomic data in health enhancement, and the impact of light, water, and magnetism on synchronizing our circadian rhythms. Dr. Ted’s sleep anchoring technique.

(0:25:01) - Sleep optimization methods like the role of blackout blinds, temperature control, and ways to deal with difficult partners. Plus the potential of supplements like melatonin to address sleep issues.

(0:32:53) - Strategies to optimize sleep, the role of exercise, and the use of supplements like melatonin and magnolol bark.

(0:44:02) - How to improve sleep and manage stress effectively, including stopping work before bed, using supplements to improve sleep, and understanding Dr. Bruce's chronotypes.

(0:49:20) - How lifestyle and job changes can affect chronotypes and the importance of recognizing and adjusting to changing sleep needs.


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