Just Blue to the Rescue: 5 Ways Methylene Blue Increases Energy

Written by: Dr. Scott Sherr | Last updated: | 1 min.

Feeling drained or down? It might be your mitochondria falling behind. Enter Just Blue by Troscriptions: pure methylene blue to supercharge your cells, boost your energy, and get you back in the game.

1. Reduce Daily Fatigue

Methylene blue improves the efficiency of mitochondria, the energy factories within brain cells, leading to increased ATP production, the primary energy molecule in the body. This uptick in energy availability supports cognitive capacity, making mental tasks feel less taxing.

2. Increase Endurance

Methylene blue improves the way cells use oxygen to make energy, particularly under conditions where oxygen might be limited, like during intense physical activity, helping us go farther and longer. This is also game-changing when in a low-oxygen environment at altitude or flying on an airplane. Make jet lag optional with Just Blue? Yes, please.

Just Blue

Do you feel like there's no end to your unrelenting fatigue, poor endurance, and inflammation?

Experience pure cellular revitalization with Just Blue, our pure 16 mg methylene blue troche. Just Blue will brighten your focus, decrease inflammation, and boost your energy and endurance.

3. Support Immune Function

As an antioxidant (like vitamin C or glutathione), methylene blue helps to reduce potential damage to cells which may impede their ability to produce energy. By protecting cells, methylene blue ensures that the cellular machinery responsible for energy production remains efficient and intact.

4. Improved Focus & Flow State

Methylene blue enhances metabolic activity in the brain and improves cognitive function, alertness, and focus. These enhancements can be particularly beneficial in tasks requiring sustained mental effort, enhancing both mental stamina and overall energy levels.

5. Improve Mood & General Well-being

By positively affecting neurotransmitters like serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine, methylene blue can lift mood and energy levels, reducing feelings of fatigue, and enhancing both physical and mental energy.

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