Tro Calm is the GABA You need

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Anxiety and Stress don’t stand a f*cking chance

70,000 thoughts...?

Sound like a lot? It’s not.

This is the average number of thoughts we have per day.

But here’s the crazy part:

When we are stressed or anxious, this increases to 120,000 or more (wow)!

Developed by Experts

The 4 practicing doctors on the Troscriptions team have collectively helped thousands of patients with anxiety and stress. Tro Calm was developed for them.

It’s time to try Tro Calm

Clinically Tested and Science-Backed

Tro Calm is one of the most novel, comprehensive, and powerful formulas for anxiousness and stress on the planet.

If you’re ready to…

✓ Quiet your mind,

✓ Take the edge off (so you can perform better)

✓ Relieve stress or tension without feeling tired

✓ Finally have an alternative to that evening nightcap (or caps)

It’s time to try Tro Calm

Just pop a Tro Calm lozenge in your mouth (start with 1/4) and let it dissolve.

In 15 to 30 minutes, you’ll feel like you, again.

Why wait any longer to feel better?

Try Tro Calm now.

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