Just Blue | From Creation to Cognitive Magic

In this episode of the Smarter Not Harder Podcast, Boomer, Dr. Ted, and Dr. Scott give us one-cent solutions to life’s $64,000 questions that include:

  • How did Just Blue come to be and what are its benefits?
  • What is the science behind methylene blue?
  • What sets pharmaceutical grade methylene blue apart from regular old fish tank cleaner?

What is Just Blue?

Do you feel like there's no end to your unrelenting fatigue, poor endurance, and inflammation?

Experience pure cellular revitalization with Just Blue, our pure 16 mg methylene blue troche. Just Blue will brighten your focus, decrease inflammation, and boost your energy and endurance.

What did Boomer, Dr. Ted, and Dr. Scott discuss?

01:14 The Blue Me Party and Just Blue Launch
01:57 Pandemic Challenges and User Requests
03:17 Formulating for Cognitive Decline
07:30 Methylene Blue's Historical Uses
10:21 Mitochondrial Health and Methylene Blue
16:02 Benefits of Low-Dose Methylene Blue
20:24 Case Studies and User Experiences
27:42 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Find out more about Just Blue:

Product: https://troscriptions.com/products/justblue

Methylene blue blog article: https://troscriptions.com/blogs/main/methyleneblue

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