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Dr. Iva Lloyd: A Journey into the Future of Naturopathic Medicine
Aug 16, 2023
In this episode of the Smarter Not Harder Podcast, our guest Dr. Iva Lloyd joins our host Jodi Duval to give one-cent solutions to life’s $64,000 questions that include: What is naturopathic medicine and how its approach to healthcare is gaining momentum worldwide? What is the integral link between mental health and physical well-being? How can factors such as Wi-Fi and nutrition impact your health?
Dr. Dominic D'Agostino
Feb 01, 2023
Dr. D’Agostino chats with host Dr. Scott Sherr on manta rays being ketogenic, his early research in the field of oxidative stress, ketones in cancer, ketones and its effect on mitochondrial function, ketones and epigenetics, and so much more.

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