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The MAOI-Methylene Blue Connection: A Breakthrough in Mood Enhancement
Jan 26, 2023
Besides implementing healthy habits like plenty of sleep, exercise, a good diet, and a regular meditation practice, there are some exciting molecules can help us stay mentally strong by optimizing our brain chemistry. And surprise! Methylene blue (MB) is one of them. Although we are not suggesting you change or stop any of your medications unless you speak to your healthcare provider, MB may be the answer to many mood disbalances, even showing promising early results for treating psychiatric and neurological disorders.
Cell Danger Response: A Theory of Everything
Oct 25, 2022
Danger! Watch yourself!  The cell danger response (CDR) may just be the most important cellular response that you have never heard about…until now. Well, unless it was in a Mystical song from the the year 2000.   The CDR is defined as an evolutionary conserved metabolic response, activated when a cell comes across serious threats that could potentially injure or kill the cell [1]. 
Methylene Blue Dosing to Optimize Health
Oct 04, 2022
At Troscriptions, our products optimize health rather than treat disease. In this context, our methylene blue dosing was designed to leverage this magical blue compound for its energy enhancing and antioxidant properties while at the same time minimizing the risks of possible toxicity. In this article, we’ll discuss the why behind our dosing and also take a deep dive into the potential dangers of taking higher dose methylene blue, especially for longer periods of time. 
Apr 19, 2022
Flashy news articles alert! Did you hear that biohackers and optimal performers like Ben Greenfield, the Biohacker Babes (our friends Lauren and Renee), and many others from the Tro Nation are using “fish tank cleaner” to reverse aging and optimize their mitochondria? 
Methylene Blue
Oct 28, 2021
Methylene blue is one of the most fascinating compounds in the world. Originally, this article was featured on Dave Asprey’s Biohacked blog, but we've expanded it and added more information.