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Apr 19, 2022
Flashy news articles alert! Did you hear that biohackers and optimal performers like Ben Greenfield, the Biohacker Babes (our friends Lauren and Renee), and many others from the Tro Nation are using “fish tank cleaner” to reverse aging and optimize their mitochondria? 
Mar 31, 2022
One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Troscriptions is why we use polyethylene glycol (PEG for short) as the base/suspension media for our formulas.  There are a lot of very smart people who use our products (who are even smarter after they use our products!) so today, Tro Nation, let’s lay it all out on the table and allay your concern(s). After all, knowledge is (blue and orange) power. 
The Endocannabinoid System
Mar 17, 2022
The ECS is a biological system composed of endocannabinoids (cannabis-like cannabinoids manufactured by the body), neurotransmitters, cannabinoid receptors, and receptor proteins. The ECS serves a major role in regulating and balancing many processes in the body, including the immune response, communication between cells, appetite, metabolism, memory, hormonal response, your dance moves (just kidding), and much more.
The In-Depth Guide on GABA
Feb 24, 2022
You might have heard of or seen the name GABA in supplements that you have used before. You may have not even heard of the name GABA, but in recent years many supplements have been marketed highlighting it as their main ingredient.
Why GMP is so Important
Feb 17, 2022
One of the most important sets of regulations for consumables is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). These regulations ensure that the companies that produce products such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, supplements, and more do so at a consistently high quality from batch to batch.
The Unofficial Guide to Nicotinyl GABA
Jan 13, 2022
N-nicotinoyl-GABA is a novel combination of niacin, a form of vitamin B3, and GABA molecularly bound together in a single compound. This combination is BBB permeable, and increases both vitamin B3 and GABA levels in the brain.

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