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Cal Callahan

“Blue Cannatine gives me the perfect mix of focus, energy and creativity. Just half a troche and I’m inspired to play, explore and thrive with all the things that my day has in store for me. Such a gift!”

Cal Callahan, a retired trader, hosts The Great Unlearn podcast and runs Unlearn Ventures — an investment fund and incubator for forward-thinking projects. He lives in Austin, TX with his wife, three kids, two dogs, cat, and pet pig named Petunia. Through The Great Unlearn Podcast, Cal shares conversations with some of the world’s leading experts & performers to help men and women unlearn their way into a new way of being.

Blue Cannatine


• Massive increases in productivity

• Rapid skill acquisition

• More focus

• More power at the gym

• Rapid memory retrieval and learning

• Increased verbal fluidity

• Enhanced meditations

Troscriptions Blue Cannatine


What's a Troche?

• A small lozenge placed between the cheek and gums

• Dissolves over 15 to 30 minutes

• Bypasses 1st pass metabolism for rapid effect

• Scored for easy and reliable titration

• As close to prescription grade as possible

blue troches

What is Troscriptions?

A precision dosed, pharmaceutical grade, and physician formulatedcompany making some of the most novel formulas on the planet. These formulas address many of the bottlenecks we all face along the path to optimal health.

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