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Please read the entire page before consuming Tro+ Blue

Meet Your Troscription (Tx)



Methylene Blue USP: 50 mg

Potential Interactions

1. SSRI and SNRI medications: Symptoms are unlikely but should be monitored closely.

2. Serotonergic pyschedelics (LSD, psilocybin). Abstain from Tro+Blue for 24 hours prior and after

3. Caution with dopaminergic drugs (Sinement for PD) as MB increases dopamine slightly, symptoms unlikely.

4. Caution with serotonergic supplementation (i.e. high dose 5HTP), symptoms unlikely

See full list linked here.


  1. Pregnant or Breastfeeding
  2. Hepatic or renal impairment
  3. Any known sensitivity to methylene blue or thiazine dyes

Possible Side Effects

  1. Blue urine: Methylene Blue concentrates in the urine. This is benign side effect.
  2. Headaches (typically means need to start at a lower dose)
  3. Normal Biofilm disruption
  4. Gastric Ulceration
  5. Oxidative stress
  6. G6P Deficiency and induced hemolysis (very unlikely at this dosing)
  7. HTN: Some patients will have increase in their blood pressure transiently althoug those with an an inflammatory component to their HTN may see an improvement.
  8. The presence of methylene blue in the blood may result in an underestimation of the oxygen saturation reading by pulse oximetry

*We recommend short-term use of Tro+ Blue due to the above under most circumstances.

Mechanisms of Action

1. Methylene Blue

See full information with references here (article) and here (PDR) and see Practiitoner Portal Tro+ Blue Blog.

How to Get Started with Tro+ Blue

Range of 25mg QOD to 200mg daily.

Consider starting at Just Blue dosing in those very sensitive examples*

*Note the above ranges are guidelines only based on research, much of it in animals, and clinical experience from practitioners on the Troscriptions team and their colleagues around the globe. Please take them as guidelines only and if you find different dosing works more optimally, please let us know at We appreciate your feedback!

Personalized Dosing

Every person is unique, and so is their optimal dose. We recognize this individuality, which is why each of our troches is scored. This design makes it effortless for users to split the troche and customize their dosage based on personal preference and response. Work with a Troscriptions practitioner to find your optimal dose and protocol for Tro+ Blue.

Calibrate Your Dose of Tro+ Blue

1. Find a practitioner

Your practitioner will help you find your optimal dose and make sure Tro+ Blue is safe for you to use.

2. Cut your troche

Our troches are scored for easy titration and dialed in dosing, as directed.

3. Swallow Tro+ Blue

Tro+ Blue was designed to be swallowed, not used as a buccal troche. Swallow it with or without food, as directed.

4. Feel the shift

In 30 to 60 minutes, methylene blue will energize your cells, increase antioxidant capacity/reslience, and protect you from urgencies and emergencies.
Troscriptions packaging blister with troches

5. Titration of your dose

Some practitioners may recommend titrating your dose slowly over time. Use as directed.

Inactive Ingredients

1. Polyethylene Glycol: See full article here

• Suspends active ingredients in the buccal troche for slow release

• Very low dose (< 500mg/troche)

• Not absorbed out of the GI system (fully excreted)

• Pharmaceutical grade and tested

2. Silica: Food Grade Silica. See more information here
3. Bitter Bloc: See more information here

• Non-GMO

• Preservative and Dye Free

• GRA Status

• Mushroom derived

4. Luo han: Monk Fruit
5. Stevia: Natural Sweetener
6. Peppermint

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