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What's GABA Got to Do with it? Sleep Hormones and their effect on the GABA System
May 18, 2023
Sleep allows our bodies to rest and recover, and our brains to process the information we've taken in during the day. But what happens inside our bodies when we sleep? It all starts with the hormones of sleep!
Exposome in the News! Exposome Day: “Menopause and Environmental Exposures”
May 12, 2023
The 2023 Exposome Day webinar topic of discussion was “Women’s Health over 40: Menopause and Environmental Exposures.” The webinar was moderated by Dr. Sarah Evans, Assistant Professor at Environmental Medicine and Public Health, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Dr. Sarah welcomed the speakers and audience attending Exposome Day 2023. She explained that “the webinar speakers are leading environmental health and exposomic scientists. They will discuss what is known and the research gaps regarding environmental exposures—from chemicals, nutrition, air pollution, and non-chemical exposures such as stress. They will also focus on the transition to menopause and what women can do to reduce harmful exposures.”
Epigenetics: An Overview
May 05, 2023
For eternity, the biggest question in the mind of scientists is how a complex organism is formed with varied types of cells from a single fertilized egg. With the discovery of chromosomes and the establishment that DNA is the heredity material, scientists became curious to know how more than 100 cell types originate from a single DNA sequence in humans.
Apr 27, 2023
Every day an American is potentially exposed to more than 80,000 toxic chemicals, yet their impact on neuro-diseases is not well understood. Studies have shown that exposure to toxic chemicals in the early stages of life could have permanent consequences for neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration in later life. With advanced research in neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders, it is now clear that genetic risk factors cannot fully explain them. 
Top 7 Cognitive Biases (We Won't Get Fooled Again!)
Apr 21, 2023
Although the title of this article may seem like a departure from our regularly scheduled (and we think awesome) programming... it is, in fact, very relevant.  Because with this newfound enhanced sense of freedom you feel from your favorite Tx, you'll be able to show up and live up to your true potential... or will you?
All About Vitamin D
Apr 07, 2023
Aside from its well-known role in bone health, vitamin D supports a wide range of cellular processes, and is linked to immune health, inflammation, muscle function, and brain and nervous system activity. Vitamin D allows the absorption of calcium from the gut and maintains the levels of calcium and phosphorous in the blood, both of which are essential minerals for building bone tissue [2]. It is also indispensable for remodeling bone, a constant process that involves the removal of "old" bone and replacing it with "new" bone tissue.