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Focus &

Feel your lack of focus, lack of motivation and energy dips vanish with the most novel nootropic on the planet.

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Precision Dosed Troche to

Launch into Flow & Focus

Precision Dosed Troche to

Relax, De-Stress, and Unwind


Quiet your mind, relax, and feel your stress/tension melt away.

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Dissolve your brain fog, recover faster, go longer and give your mitochondria some love.

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Precision Dosed Troche to

Energize and Optimize

What is

Troscriptions (Tx) is a line of precision dosed, pharmaceutical grade, and physician formulated buccal troches (troh-keys) made in a GMP lab under the supervision of a compounding pharmacist.

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Physician Formulated

Each troche is carefully crafted and tested by the four physicians on the Troscriptions Team.

Pharmaceutical Grade

Manufactured under the supervision of a compounding pharmacist in a GMP facility, all ingredients (+ the final products) are lab tested for purity and potency.

Precision Dosed

Each troche is scored into quarters for easy dose titration and because we test all of our products, you’ll know the exact amount you are getting each and every time.

How it works

What's a Buccal Troche?

A small lozenge placed between the upper cheek and gums.

Dissolves over 15 to 30 minutes.

Absorbs directly into the bloodstream via your cheek mucosa.

Scored for easy and reliable dose titration

Fast acting


Experience a profound shift with our pharmaceutical grade, precision dosed, and physician formulated buccal troches…a shift that will help you break out of old patterns, stories, self imposed road-blocks and address many of the bottlenecks we all face on the path to optimizing our health.

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