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Courtney is an integrative nutritionist (MS) and "real foodist" on a mission to change the way America eats. 

“I am a huge fan of Troscriptions and the products they have created! Methylene Blue helps me immensely on days I need to really focus and be on my game. Tro Calm really helps me on those days I struggle with stress and anxiousness and need to calm my nervous system. I can’t speak highly enough of them!”

Courtney Swan, MS
Integrative Nutritionist

Just Blue 


• High-definition focus

• A subtle yet sustained energy lift

• Improvements in endurance

• Deeper meditations

• Improvements in sleep

Troscriptions Tro Blue
Troscriptions Tro Calm

Tro Calm 


• Decreased performance anxiety.

• Better Sleep (TroCalm quiets the mind and decreases rumination)

• Relaxation

• Less reactivity

• More zen


What's a Troche?

• A small lozenge placed between the cheek and gums

• Dissolves over 15 to 30 minutes

• Bypasses 1st pass metabolism for rapid effect

• Scored for easy and reliable titration

• As close to prescription grade as possible

blue troches

What is Troscriptions?

A precision dosed, pharmaceutical grade, and physician formulatedcompany making some of the most novel formulas on the planet. These formulas address many of the bottlenecks we all face along the path to optimal health.

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